10.1i List a range of factors which have featured in adult abuse and neglect

Safeguarding adults boards(SABs) must arrange a safeguarding adults review(SAR) whenever an individual is suspected to have experienced serious abuse or has died as a result of serious abuse. Here are some of the factors of adult abuse and neglect that have featured in SARs:

  • poor or absent communication between services, including not sharing important information
  • ineffective partnership working between services
  • those receiving care and support or their families and friends not being involved in decisions made about their care
  • failure to identify signs of abuse
  • lack of management support or presence
  • limited learning and development opportunities for workers
  • poor staff recruitment processes

You should learn from these factors and try to avoid them at all times. For example, you could familiarise yourself with the different signs of abuse so that you can identify any future signs that an individual you care for is being abused. This will ensure that an SAR does not need to be carried out and the individuals you care for are not abused.

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