10.2d Explain the local arrangements for the implementation of multi-agency Safeguarding Adult’s policies and procedures

The main objective of a safeguarding adults board(SAB) is to ensure that partner organisations act to help and protect adults in its area who meet the criteria set out in the Care Act 2014 through local safeguarding arrangements. They must promote information-sharing between workers and organisations to ensure the needs of every individual can be met.

For example, if you have any concerns, you must share them with other workers to build up a full picture of an individual’s situation. You can speak to your manager to find out what your local arrangements are and how they link with your workplace’s agreed ways of working. Managers make decisions by following what is agreed locally to be the ‘threshold’, the point at which something becomes a safeguarding issue.

Something as small as a one-off situation where a team is short of a worker on a shift could be considered a safeguarding issue by local safeguarding standards. Therefore, you should make an effort to understand the local safeguarding arrangements of your workplace to ensure you avoid any safeguarding issues.

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