10.2f Explain how a clear complaints procedure reduces the likelihood of abuse

It is important that individuals in your care feel able to challenge poor standards of care and know how to do so. One of the best ways to make an individual feel able to complain is to have a clear complaints procedure set out. Information about the complaints procedure should be available in different user-friendly formats and clearly explain what abuse is as well as how to make a complaint.

Individuals should also be made aware that any complaints they make will be taken seriously and be dealt with while keeping them involved with the process as much as they want to be. They should also be advised that they can nominate an advocate or representative to speak on their behalf if they wish.

You should also do whatever you can to resolve concerns and support an individual to make a complaint. This will help to make sure that their voice is heard and puts them at the centre of their care. Through a clear complaints procedure, you can foster an open and honest culture that encourages individuals to raise concerns before they experience abuse or harm, reducing the likelihood of abuse by a wide margin.

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