13.1f Describe different types of accidents and sudden illness that may occur in their own work setting

Accidents are caused by risks in the workplace. Risk assessments should be done to try and prevent them from happening, but you may have to deal with an accident at some point regardless. Potential accidents could include:

  • slips and trips
  • falls
  • injuries caused by a sharp object such as a knife or piece of broken glass
  • burns and scalds
  • electrocution
  • accidental poisoning such as if food has not been cooked properly
  • injuries from operating machinery or specialised equipment

Individuals can also face sudden illness as part of an existing condition. Sudden illnesses you may be faced with include:

  • diabetic coma
  • epileptic seizure
  • fainting(could also be caused by an accident)
  • bleeding(could be caused by an accident as well)
  • stroke
  • heart attack

You must ensure the safety of the individuals concerned and everyone else who may be affected when an accident or sudden illness occurs. Your workplace’s health and safety procedure should outline what to do in an emergency such as the ones listed above, so you should make sure you are familiar with it. You should also make sure you are familiar with an individual’s care plan, as it may contain information on a condition that could lead to sudden illness and how to deal with it.

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