13.3c Demonstrate how to move and assist people and objects safely, maintaining the individual’s dignity, and in line with legislation and agreed ways of working

When moving and assisting people and objects, it is important to do so as safely as possible to reduce the likelihood of injury. Over a third of injuries caused in the workplace are due to moving and handling. To reduce the likelihood of an injury, you should ensure you only do moving and assisting tasks that you have been trained to do, as covered in the previous section.

You should also carry out any moving and assisting tasks in compliance with the agreed ways of working and policies and procedures of your workplace as well as the individual’s care plan. This includes maintaining the individual’s dignity by asking for their consent before doing anything and treating them with respect throughout the process.

You should also be realistic about your own capabilities. If you don’t think you are capable of performing a certain task, then you should not try to perform it. Finally, you should plan ahead before doing anything. Think about where to grab and where you’re moving it to, and ensure you always assume a stable position beforehand.

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