13.6b Demonstrate safe practices for storing, using and disposing of hazardous substances

You workplace should have a secure and specific area especially for the storage of hazardous substances like the ones that were discussed in the previous section. Some hazardous substances should only be handled when the worker is wearing personal protective equipment or PPE. Your employer will have policies and procedures that go over which hazardous substances should be handled with PPE.

There are numerous common safe practices related to hazardous substances that you will likely come across. For example, cleaning products and disinfectants should be kept in their original containers and any instructions on the label should always be followed. Identifiable human tissue must always be incinerated while other biological waste needs to be put in orange or yellow bags and disposed of separately from household waste.

Linen which has been contaminated with bodily fluids should ideally be washed immediately and placed in a hot wash separate from other linen. These are just a few examples that you may run into, but safe practices may differ between workplaces. As such, you should familiarise yourself with your workplace’s related policies as well as common safe practices such as those listed above.

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