13.9c List ways to manage stress

Individuals all deal with and respond to ‘stressors’ in very different ways. However, there are some common strategies for managing stress that you could familiarise yourself with and make use of:

  • taking more exercise or going for a walk
  • taking time out for yourself
  • doing something that you enjoy
  • taking a deep breath
  • counting down slowly in your head
  • removing yourself from a situation and taking time out
  • talking through how you feel with your line manager
  • attending any stress management courses or workshops available
  • engaging in relaxing activities whilst away from work
  • looking at your diet and substance intake, for example caffeine, and managing a sensible intake
  • undertaking self-awareness activities
  • talking through your stresses with a counsellor
  • talking to a human resources advisor or occupational health advisor (if available in your organisation).

Thinking about the events and situations that tend to make you feel stressed and thinking about ways to cope with and manage your stress is very important. Managing stress well will reduce the negative effects on others as well as yourself, so you should always keep stress management in mind.

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