14.1d Explain how, and to whom, to report if they become aware that agreed ways of working have not been followed

There may be times when you think agreed ways of working have not been followed and information has not been recorded properly. For example, if sensitive information has been left lying around or information has not been handled properly or with enough confidentiality. When this happens, you should report your concerns as soon as possible.

You should tell your manager immediately about any concerns so they can take action as soon as possible. For example, if a key for your workplace has been misplaced, they may need to change the locks. You also have a duty to report unsafe or incompetent practice to your organisation’s regulatory body. Whenever you have a concern, you should make a record and make a report under the whistleblowing procedure if your manager is not taking your concerns seriously. You will also need to obtain an individual’s permission first if your concerns are based on their information.

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