2.1b Describe the process for agreeing a personal development plan and who should be involved

All employees that work in health and social care should have their own bespoke Personal Development Plan (PDP) that contains targets and a schedule for the individual’s own learning and development.


You would usually write your PDP in collaboration with your line manager, however other people may also provide input such as your mentor, other managers and your co-workers.

Writing your PDP will involve sitting down with your manager and discussing whether you are up to date with all mandatory training and certification, areas where you may need additional training or support, work-related subjects that you would like to learn more about and any formal qualifications that you wish to pursue (or your organisations wishes you to gain).


Once you and your manager have decided what you need with regards your personal development you will need to prioritise them and set realistic targets to achieve them.

Here is an example of a PDP:

1. Complete Safeguarding Level 1 Training1 month
2. Be inducted with new mental health client1 month
3. Complete Level 2 Diploma in Care18 months

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