2.1e Agree a personal development plan

Having gone through the process of creating a Personal Development Plan (PDP) with your manager and making a worthwhile contribution yourself, it will be necessary to agree it.

A PDP agreement will be between yourself and your employer (represented by your manager) and will be a commitment by both parties to do the work that is necessary to achieve the targets that you have set.

For example you may agree to put in the necessary time and effort to achieve your Level 2 Diploma in Care and your employer may agree to support you by arranging a training provider, paying for your training and giving you time off work to study.

Agreeing a PDP will usually require a signature from both parties and you must ensure that you fully agree to the commitment before signing.

You and your manager should also arrange a time to review your progress towards your targets and maybe set some more. This could be every three months or more frequently, such as monthly, depending on what is realistic for your particular targets.

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