3.3a Demonstrate how to respond to comments and complaints in line with legislation and agreed ways of working

While providing care, the individual you care for may complain or make a comments about their care or support. Every individual has the right to do this, and it is important that you make them aware of this and take any comments or complaints they may have seriously.

Any comments that are made should be explored so you are able to improve the standard of care you provide for individuals. Positive comments can be encouraging and show you how good ways of working are making a positive difference while negative comments can help you improve and do better.

The way you respond to comments and complaints depends on your organisation and workplace so you should ask your employer about how to deal with them. Depending on where you work, it could involve arranging to talk in private, not judging the individual or becoming emotional and explaining what will happen next and who the complaint will be passed to among other things. Whatever the case, you should make a record of any comments and complaints as soon as possible.

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