3.3c Explain the importance of learning from comments and complaints to improve the quality of service

Comments and complaints are important because they are vital for making improvements to the quality of your care service so you can keep doing the right thing. Without them, you’d keep repeating the same mistakes, which could harm the trust between yourself and the individuals you care for.

Say, for example, that an individual complains that the food served at meal times is too cold. You would then record this complaint and assure the individual that you will pass their complaint on, either to your manager, or a named person in your workplace who deals with complaints. Once this complaint has been passed on, the care service can then make changes to fix this and ensure that food is always served hot in the future.

Through that complaint, you were able to make a positive change that will improve the service for future individuals. Do not be discouraged by any complaints you may receive. Comments and complaints are necessary for providing the best care possible and you are doing individuals a great service by listening to their complaints and passing them on.

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