4.2c Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that encourages positive change

Discrimination is unacceptable and should always be challenged when encountered. If you witness discrimination from someone else, you should confront them. If it was unintentional, you should explain why their actions were discriminatory and explain what they can do to avoid discriminating in the future. If it was intentional, then you should discuss it with your manager as they will be able to take action to make sure the discrimination is challenged and encourage positive change.

You are also capable of discrimination without realising it, so it is important you reflect upon your work and how you can improve the care and support you provide. Look back on your actions, and think about whether you could have done anything different to produce a more positive outcome. If reflection leads you to see that individuals are being treated unfairly and discriminated against, you should discuss this with your manager also.

By working to create an environment free from discrimination, you are encouraging positive change that will improve the care and support that is provided to individuals in your workplace. Do not be afraid to speak up and challenge any discrimination you may witness or reflect upon discrimination that you might be responsible for. By challenging discrimination, you are putting the individual’s well-being at heart and helping to create a positive care environment.

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