5.2c Explain the importance of supporting individuals to plan for their future wellbeing and fulfilment, including end-of-life care

Person-centred care uses the idea that everyone has an inner wish to fulfil their personal potential. You should provide individuals with a safe, non-judgemental and compassionate environment where they can think about what is important to them and make the best decisions.

It is vital that individuals are supported to plan for their future well-being and fulfilment, even if they are only in short-term care. The Care Act 2014 goes over various areas that affect an individual’s well-being such as personal dignity, suitability of living accommodation and the individual’s contribution to society. By making sure that the individual plans for their future well-being, you will help improve their quality of life.

You should also encourage individuals to express themselves and change their mind about things when they want to, as well as take the time to talk about their needs and what they want and don’t want. When an individual is in end-of-life care, they may not be able to voice their wishes as they could before. As such, you may need to use different ways of communicating, such as working with an advocate who is able to express the individual’s wishes on their behalf. Remember that good person-centred care should give the individual as much control over their choices and care as possible, including their plans for the future.

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