5.3b Report any concerns they have to the relevant person. This could include: Senior member of staff, Carer, Family member

There may be times where it is difficult or impossible to change the environment to the individual’s liking. If you are worried that the individual’s environment is causing them stress and are not sure how you can solve it, there are several people you can report their concerns to and get advice from.

Their carer or your manager, for example, can give you helpful advice on how to make changes to make the individual feel more comfortable in their environment. You could also talk to the individual’s family members or friends as they will know the individual better than you and may have solutions that you hadn’t thought of.

If you’re not able to deal with a situation, someone else other than you might be able to, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice or support if the individual is distressed by their environment. It is important that they are comfortable in their environment while they are being cared for.

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