5.4a Raise any concerns directly with the individual concerned

When caring for an individual, you may have to do things that are uncomfortable or possibly even painful for them, such as moving or assisting them. These activities should be carried out with the greatest care and sensitivity so as to minimise their distress or discomfort.

Before doing anything, you should let them know what you are about to do and ask for their consent. Consent is a vital part of your work as a care worker, and you should always raise any concerns with the individual before doing anything. For example, if you need to open curtains and let in some bright light, it is respectful to tell the individual first so they are prepared and any discomfort is minimised.

Raising concerns with individuals you care for is good practice as it can improve the quality of their care and help build up trust between yourself and the individual. As such, you should always communicate with them about possible concerns.

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