5.4c Raise any concerns via other channels or systems e.g. at team meetings

If you don’t think your manager can help, you can raise concerns through several other channels. One of these is team meetings. They are good opportunities to make co-workers aware of any concerns you may have and discuss possible ways of working that could minimise the individual’s distress and discomfort.

You may find that your worries are also shared by your co-workers and that they may be able to identify a procedure that needs to be changed. If you are unable to arrange a team meeting, you could also talk to your co-workers at a handover. Handovers take place at the start or end of the shift when the staff teams change, and are used to pass vital information to the next team to ensure that quality care continues.

You should always report any concerns you may have, if not to your manager, then to your co-workers. It is good practice and can improve the quality of care and support, so you should think carefully about whether you have any concerns about an individual.

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