6.3d Describe where to find information and support or services, to help them communicate more effectively

You can find more information and support on communication in a variety of places. Specialist charities and associations, especially those specialising in particular disabilities or medical conditions, are a good source of expert advice and information. Websites can provide material on these charities and other services or groups in your area that you could attend or use to find out more.

Some charities may even provide specific human aids such as befrienders or advocates who can help you communicate with an individual. Befrienders can help support an individual in overcoming emotional difficulties that are a barrier to their communication. Advocates can communicate on behalf of an individual if their communication skills are limited as the result of a disability or something similar.

You could also seek the aid of speech and language therapists, interpreters, translators, and clinical psychologists or counsellors. Further learning can come from other workers, your manager, and a wide range of courses and qualifications.

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