6.4c Describe situations where information, normally considered to be confidential, might need to be passed on

Sometimes there will be occasions when sensitive information needs to be shared, even if it would normally be considered confidential. It is important that you know when to do this so you only break confidentiality when absolutely necessary. Here are some examples of occasions when confidentiality may have to be broken:

  • when a person is likely to harm themselves
  • when a person has been, or is likely to be, involved in a serious crime
  • when a person is likely to harm others
  • when your own safety is placed at risk
  • when a child or vulnerable adult has suffered, or is at risk of suffering, significant harm

You should only break confidentiality when faced with one of these situations or a similar situation. Otherwise you should treat an individual’s sensitive information with complete confidentiality to maintain trust between yourself and the individual.

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