7.1c Describe how to maintain privacy and dignity in the work setting

In the last section we went over some examples of situations where an individual’s privacy or dignity could be compromised. In this section we will go over what you can do to maintain their privacy and dignity in these situations. Here are some examples of things you could do to maintain an individuals privacy and dignity.

  • Before entering the room where the individual currently is, you should notify them of your presence so they know you are coming in
  • When talking about an individual’s personal information, make sure that you speak quietly and away from other people who could overhear if possible
  • Always arrange clothing such as hospital gowns in a dignified way
  • Make sure you don’t keep an individual waiting if they need support to go to the toilet
  • Always ask for an individuals consent before touching them in any way, for example, if you need to help them wash themselves

If you are unsure about how to act to maintain an individual’s privacy and dignity, try to think about how they might feel about your actions and how it could compromise their privacy and dignity. For example, think about how they might feel if someone else heard some sensitive information about themselves and act accordingly.

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