7.2b Demonstrate that the privacy and dignity of the individual is maintained at all times being in line with the person’s individual needs and preferences when providing personal care. This could include: Making sure doors, screens or curtains are in the correct position, Getting permission before entering someone’s personal space, Knocking before entering the room, Ensuring any clothing, hospital gowns are positioned correctly, The individual is positioned appropriately and the individual is not exposing any part of their body they would not want others to be able to see

When maintaining an individual’s privacy and dignity, it is important to keep in line with their individual needs and preferences. Every individual has a different idea of what they see as their personal space and what is comfortable for them, so it is vital you get to know an individual as well as possible. Nevertheless, here are some basic guidelines to follow.

Sometimes you may need to support an individual to wash or dress. Privacy is important in these situations as an individual may not feel comfortable being seen naked. As such, you should make sure any curtains, screens or doors are closed and you are giving the individual space. At times you may also have to touch an individual to support them with something. Before you do so, you should ask for the individual’s consent to ensure that you are not encroaching on their personal space.

When entering the room the individual is in, you should notify them of your presence and ask for permission before doing so. Finally, you should make sure any clothing or hospital gowns are arranged and positioned appropriately in a dignified way.

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