7.4b Ensure any risk assessment processes are used to support the right of individuals to make their own decisions

Risk assessments are a legal requirement that will give clear guidance on how to keep people safe and prevent harm or accidents. Every individual should have one as part of their care plan. It should cover their daily care and support and how best to protect them from harm.

To perform a risk assessment, you should first identify any potential hazards. If you identify any, you should decide who might be harmed and how. After this, you should evaluate the risks and decide on some precautions to take to minimise the risks. To make future risk assessment and prevention easier in future, you should record your findings as well as implement them. You should also review your assessment in the future and update it if necessary.

As well as risk assessment, you should also perform risk enablement. This involves supporting individuals to identify and assess their own risks and enables them to take the risks they choose. By involving individuals in the planning process you are helping them to be more independent and supporting their right to make their own decisions, which is an important part of their care.

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