9.6c Explain what is meant by “consent”, and how it can change according to what decisions may need to be taken.

Consent is when an individual gives approval of a proposed action or decision after thoughtful consideration. An individual needs to fully understand what they are consenting to, including the possible repercussions, before they are able to give their consent. Therefore, you will need to establish informed consent before you are able to do anything.


The process of establishing informed consent varies based on the individual’s assessed capacity and the situation. Whatever the situation may be, you should provide information in a way that protects the individual’s autonomy. An individual might show their consent in a number of different ways such as:

  • Implied consent-By co-operating with you.
  • Verbal consent-By answering positively.
  • Written consent-By signing a document to show agreement.

Remember to make sure that an individual knows what they are consenting to before doing anything. They might not consent when they are more knowledgeable about the proposed action and the possible repercussions.

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