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1.5 Explain how to access additional support and information relating to health and safety

Qualification: Level 2 Diploma in Care
Unit name: Health, Safety and Wellbeing in Care Settings
Learning outcome: 1. Understand own responsibilities, and the responsibilities of others, relating to health and safety in the work setting
Assessment criteria: 1.5 Explain how to access additional support and information relating to health and safety


There are several sources of information and support relating to health and safety that you may be able to access, including:

  • Your manager – this should be your first port of call as your manager will have the experience to answer any questions you may have or know how to find the answer
  • Your co-workers – especially more eperienced colleagues
  • Health and Safety Officer – larger organisations may have a dedicated health and safety officer that specialises in this area
  • Trade Union Representative – can offer advice about your responsibilities and what to do if you have concerns
  • Policies & Procedures – your organisation’s agreed ways of working will have information about how health and safety tasks should be performed
  • Legislation – acts of parliament and regulations can guide you on your legal responsibilities
  • Health & Safety Executive – the HSE provides lots of information about complying with health and safety law and regulation
  • Care Quality Commission – the CQC provides information about health and safety as it relates to the care of individuals
  • Training provider/tutor – may have learning materials relating to health and safety

You will find it useful to think about and have an understanding of which sources of support or information are available to you and which source you would use in particular circumstances.