Support an individual to make informed choices

Qualification: Level 2 Diploma in Adult Care
Unit name: Implement Person-Centred Approaches in Care Settings
Learning outcome: 5. Be able to support the individual’s right to make choices
Assessment criteria: 5.1 Support an individual to make informed choices

As part of a person-centred approach, you should be able to support the individuals that you care for to make informed decisions. This supports the person-centred values of choice and independence.


There are several ways that you could do this:

  • ensure that the individual has all the information they need to make an informed decision
  • explain the benefits and risks factually, without letting your own personal views influence their decision
  • source specialist advice if you do not have the knowledge yourself
  • involve others, such as family members and advocates, if the individual wishes
  • respect the choices that an individual makes (even if you do not agree with it)

You should always keep a record of the options that you have provided and any decisions that the individual makes so that it can be referred to in future if there are any concerns.

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