2.3 Work in line with agreed ways of working

Qualification: Level 2 Diploma in Care, Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care
Unit name: Responsibilities of a care worker
Learning outcome: 2. Be able to work in ways that are agreed with the employer
Assessment criteria: 2.3 Work in line with agreed ways of working

Agreed ways of working refer to the ways in which your employer wants you to perform your job role as documented by their policies, procedures and protocols.


By following organisational policies and procedures, you can ensure that you are working correctly and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements as well as conforming to the best industry standards.

You should be able to demonstrate that you are able to perform your role in accordance with your employer’s agreed ways of working.


This could be by following the correct procedure when using a piece of equipment or reporting a workplace hazard. Or perhaps by supporting a service user in accordance with their care plan.

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