Work with others to agree own personal development plan

Qualification:Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care
Unit name: Personal Development in Care Settings
Learning outcome: 4. Be able to agree a personal development plan
Assessment criteria: 4.3 Work with others to agree own personal development plan

Your Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a formal record of your learning and development, which is used to identify your learning needs and plans for the future.


When creating your own PDP it is essential that you work with others to select and prioritise the areas of learning that you wish to pursue.

Primarily, this will be with your manager during supervision because you will need to identify learning goals that are beneficial for both you and your employer. Your employer will need to address skills gaps in the workforce and suggest options for development that fit these needs. Your employer will also require that you undergo mandatory training so that you can perform your role safely and lawfully.


You may also involve others in your personal development planning. For example, the individuals that you work with may have needs that require additional training. And co-workers and other professionals may help you identify areas for improvement.

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