Create an environment which promotes physical development in own setting

Qualification: NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Educator
Unit: Unit 3.11: Promote the physical development of children
Learning outcome: Be able to promote physical development
Assessment criteria: Create an environment which promotes physical development in own setting


Physical development is an important part of a child’s early years, as it helps them build the skills they need to learn, explore, and interact with their environment. It also serves as a foundation for physical activities later in life. As such, creating an early years environment that promotes physical development is key.

Play Spaces

Creating play spaces that promote physical development starts with ensuring that the area is safe and accessible for children. Soft surfaces should be used around any climbing equipment to ensure safety and minimize falls. Additionally, objects should be arranged so that they can easily move around the space without obstruction. This allows children to explore and develop their sense of balance and coordination.



Physical development can also be promoted through the use of appropriate equipment. Balls are great for developing hand-eye coordination, strength, and endurance. Other toys like push-pull toys, tricycles, or climbing apparatus can help promote gross motor skills by encouraging movement in different directions (e.g., up/down ladders or across balance beams). These items should be placed at varying heights so that children of all ages can access them safely and independently.

Adult Support

Adults must also provide support to encourage physical development in young children. Adults can model appropriate behaviors by demonstrating how to use equipment properly or playing games with children that involve running or jumping. They can also provide verbal encouragement when a child attempts a challenging activity or task and celebrate successes or accomplishments when they occur—even if it’s something small! Finally, adults should ensure that opportunities are provided for all types of physical activities; this could include outdoor exploration activities like walking on different terrains (e.g., sand) or using playground equipment designed for older kids (e.g., monkey bars).



An early years environment which promotes physical development requires thoughtfully designed play spaces with age-appropriate materials and adult guidance to maximize learning potential for young children while keeping them safe at all times. By providing plenty of opportunities for exploration and active play within the classroom setting, educators will foster a love of physical activity in their students while helping them gain confidence in their abilities to move around independently — both now as well as later in life!

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