Entry Level 1

The information on this page explains what you will need to understand to be at Entry Level 1 in Functional Skills for Mathematics as well as links to the pages that provide information about each criteria..

  1. Read, write, order and compare numbers up to 20 (Number 1)
  2. Use whole numbers to count up to 20 items including zero (Number 1)
  3. Add numbers which total up to 20, and subtract numbers from numbers up to 20 (Number 1)
  4. Recognise and interpret the symbols +, – and = appropriately (Number 1)
  5. Recognise coins and notes and write them in numbers with the correct symbols (£ & p), where these involve numbers up to 20
  6. Read 12 hour digital and analogue clocks in hours
  7. Know the number of days in a week, months, and seasons in a year. Be able to name and sequence
  8. Describe and make comparisons in words between measures of items including size, length, width, height, weight and capacity
  9. Identify and recognise common 2-D and 3-D shapes including circle, cube, rectangle (incl. square) and triangle
  10. Use everyday positional vocabulary to describe position and direction including left, right, in front, behind, under and above
  11. Read numerical information from lists
  12. Sort and classify objects using a single criterion
  13. Read and draw simple charts and diagrams including a tally chart, block diagram/graph

You must also be able to :

  • Use given mathematical information and recognise and use simple mathematical terms appropriate to Entry Level 1;
  • Use the methods given above to produce, check and present results that make sense
  • Provide a simple explanation for those results
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