10.1e Explain why an individual may be vulnerable to harm or abuse

Abuse and harm can take place at any time, anywhere, but there are some situations that increase an individual’s vulnerability to the risk of abuse or neglect happening. For example, an individual is more vulnerable to harm or abuse in their own home as it is easier for an abuser to hide their actions from others there.

Organisational abuse is more likely to happen when standards are poor and when workers feel unsupported by management. It can lead to incorrect ways of working that everyone sees as acceptable and are too afraid to speak out about. An individual also becomes more vulnerable to harm or abuse when they display challenging behaviour that workers are not prepared or trained to deal with.

Finally, an individual is more vulnerable when they have a mental health issue, a sensory impairment or a learning disability as their reaction to abuse or neglect could be seen as a symptom of their condition. You should keep these in mind when trying to prevent an individual from being harmed or abused as it could affect the way you need to deal with the situation.

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