10.1k Describe where to get information and advice about their role and responsibilities in preventing and protecting individuals from harm and abuse

You must understand your own role in preventing harm and abuse to respond appropriately to situations where abuse or neglect may be taking place. You can get guidance on prevention and procedures to follow when you suspect abuse from your organisation’s policies and procedures or agreed ways of working. Your manager or a senior member of staff can also answer any questions you may have and your organisation may even offer safeguarding training to help you understand your role better.

There are also many external sources of advice and information you could use. For example, professional bodies/trade unions, social services and the Carers Direct helpline(0300 123 1053) can give you invaluable advice and support with anything you might be struggling with. You could also conduct some research yourself on the Internet, but make sure you use reputable websites and check the information you find.

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