3.3b Describe who to ask for advice and support in handling comments and complaints

When handling comments and complaints, you may need additional support. There are several people you can go to for help with this. As with most things, it’s always a good idea to ask your manager, as they may be more knowledgeable on the comments and complaints process than you.

Many organisations also have a named person who deals with complaints. Speaking to them can be helpful and aid you in helping individuals understand that their complaints are taken seriously. They are often called the ‘responsible person’ or ‘accountable officer’ for your workplace.

Bigger organisations may even have a complaints section you can go to. For example, the NHS has the “Patient Advice and Liaison Service”. If you work in a smaller workplace however, there may not be anyone specific you can go to, and there may not be anything in writing either. All workplaces will have agreed ways of handling complaints though, so you should do your best to understand the complaints process of your workplace.

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