3.5b Describe how communication can be used to solve problems and reduce the likelihood or impact of confrontation

One of the key ways you can reduce the likelihood or impact of a confrontation is through communication. Simply having an open discussion with an individual can be beneficial for preventing confrontation so long as you treat them with respect and dignity.

Sometimes an individual’s behaviour can be challenging when trying to do this. If that is the case, there are several steps you can take. If possible, you should take them to a quiet place. Ask questions, listen carefully, and take their feelings seriously. After, you should discuss with them how to find a way forward that they can understand and agree to.

Listening to what an individual has to say, and communicating with them in a calm and respectful manner can do a lot to prevent further conflict and confrontation. Communication can help you identify a problem and find a way past it, so you should use your communication skills to the best of your ability to manage a situation before it escalates further.

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