7.5b Explain how to enable individuals to make informed choices about their lives

Enabling individuals to make informed choices about their lives is an important part of their care. Care can affect an individual’s life in a myriad of ways, including some ways that they may not like. Therefore, it will help improve the quality of an individual’s care if you give them as much control over their life in care as possible.

For example, say you were caring for someone who has a disability that makes moving using their legs hard. They may enjoy sport and want to lead a more active lifestyle, but their disability could make it difficult. You should make sure they have as much information as possible about the potential risks of participating in more physically strenuous activities but still allow them to weigh their options and make the choice on their own.

As discussed in previous sections, you should not make the decision for them, but enable them to make the decision themselves while making sure they are aware of the possible implications. This will help to keep them safe while also maintaining their independence and right to choose so they have a happier life while in care.

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