7.5c List other ways they can support active participation

Apart from letting the individual know that you value them, there are other ways of supporting active participation. One of the things you could do is make sure that you are always keeping equality and diversity in mind. Everyone is different with different backgrounds, cultures, religions etc. You should celebrate these aspects of them and participate in any activities they wish to partake in.

You should also ensure that they are able to take control of their own care. When an individual has control over their own care, it helps to build their identity and self esteem. There are several things you can do to give them more control such as helping them make informed choices, reporting any concerns or complaints they have and asking for their consent before performing certain actions as part of their care.

Finally, you should always take into account what the individual thinks. Remember that they are an active partner in their care and their view should always be considered and taken into account. Through these methods you can encourage active participation and improve the quality of the individual’s care.

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