1.1 Explain the term safeguarding

Qualification: Level 2 Diploma in Care, Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care
Unit name: Safeguarding and Protection in Care Settings
Learning outcome: 1. Understand principles of safeguarding adults
Assessment criteria: 1.1. Explain the term safeguarding

Safeguarding means the protection of vulnerable individuals from abuse and neglect and upholding their right to live in safety.


This means working in a way that prevents vulnerable adults from suffering harm and reducing the likelihood of abuse and neglect. This can be achieved by promoting vulnerable individuals to understand their rights and standing up for them when they are unable to do so themselves, partnership-working between different agencies and having the framework in place to manage safeguarding issues.

The Care Act 2014 requires local authorities to set up a Safeguarding Adults Board, arrange independent advocates for vulnerable adults where required and make enquiries to establish if any further action is needed in cases where there is a belief that abuse or neglect is taking place.


On an organisational level, all care providers are required to have a Safeguarding Policy and Procedure.

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