1.2a Describe their employment rights and responsibilities

As an employee in the care sector, you have certain employment rights (things you can expect from your employer) and responsibilities (things your employer can expect from you).


Employment Rights

Your employment rights include:

  • Pay you a salary in accordance with the National Living Wage (previously minimum wage)
  • Provide an itemised payslip
  • Provide statutory paid annual leave (holiday)
  • Not be discriminatory towards yourself or anyone else
  • Adhere to working time regulations
  • Reasonably look out for your health, safety and wellbeing
  • Seriously consider requests for flexible working after 6 months of employment
  • Provide relevant training and equipment to perform duties

Employee Responsibilities

Your responsibilities and employee will include:

  • Reporting potential hazards to health and safety to your employer
  • Adhering to employer’s agreed ways of working including their policies and procedures
  • Starting and ending work at the times agreed with your employer, being punctual
  • To be honest and own up to mistakes
  • To not disclose confidential information
  • To protect individual’s rights and promote person-centred values
  • To uphold duty of care and report safeguarding concerns
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