1.4a Explain why it is important to work in teams and in partnership with others.

The primary goals of a care worker are to ensure that the individuals that they care for have their needs met, are protected from harm and have a good quality of life. Individual clients may also have their own set of unique goals that would like to achieve.


To achieve the best possible outcomes for the individuals that you support, you will need to work with others because one person will not have the experience, expertise, knowledge, time or energy to do everything that is needed.

You will need to work as part of a team, usually in a shift-based pattern governed by a rota and everyone in the team will need to communicate effectively with one another so that all members are up-to-date with each individual’s current requirements. Teams will be managed by a supervisor that will make the final decisions and ultimately be responsible for the actions of the team.


In addition, you will need to work in partnership with individuals that are not part of your team. This could include:

  • Friends and family of the individuals you support
  • Health professionals such as doctors, nurses, dietitians, psychologists etc.
  • Other professionals such as social workers, advocates etc.

By working together with others, you will have the benefit of the knowledge and experience of several people.

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