5.1a Describe how to put person-centred values into practice in their day-to-day work

We all live our lives by a set of values, beliefs and ideas about how people should behave, that shape how we think and react. There are a number of these values which are important for working in health and social care. Generally the values put emphasis on providing person-centred care. This means putting the interests of the individual being cared for at the centre of everything you do. These person-centred values include a person’s independence, individuality, choice, rights and privacy.

To work in a person-centred way, you must work in partnership with the individual in question to plan for their care and support. They should have control of all the choices and decisions made about their lives. Compassion, dignity and respect are essential when involving people in their own care. You should work with the individual to identify their strengths and abilities so they can make their own decisions. You should setup a ‘care plan’ that the individual owns and is written in the first person so they can identify what they want to try to improve the quality of their care.

Any decisions the individual makes should be supported, and the support provided should be designed to meet their unique needs rather than trying to fit them into a pre-existing service. Person-centred care is about discovering and acting upon what is important to the individual, so you should always include them in decisions and ask what they think. Remember, the individual is always the expert when it comes to what is best for them.

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