5.1c Identify ways to promote dignity in their day-to-day work

Focusing on the value of every individual and respecting their views and choices means you are promoting their dignity. You should promote dignity as much as possible as it is beneficial for the individual’s care. There are several ways you can do this.

You should have an open and positive attitude, and take times to do things the individual’s way. Don’t make assumptions about how they want to be treated, ask them how they want to be treated instead. Be aware of how personal care could affect their dignity, treat them with respect, and value their individuality as a person.

Choice is closely linked to dignity and respect, so you should allow individuals to make their own decisions and take the time to understand why they made that choice. For example, if an individual wants to use a walking frame around the house instead of a wheelchair, you should support them and respect their decision. By allowing them to make their own choices, you are promoting their dignity and helping to provide care that puts them at the centre.

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