5.3a Take appropriate steps to remove or minimise the environmental factors causing the discomfort or distress. This could include: Lighting, Noise, Temperature, Unpleasant odours

There are various things in an individual’s environment that can cause them discomfort or distress such as lighting, noise, temperature and unpleasant odours. Making an individual feel comfortable where they are promotes their well-being, so you should do what you can to remove or minimise these various environmental factors.

For example, if the lights are too bright, you should dim them. If the individual finds it to be too noisy, you could close the doors or windows, or reduce the volume on the TV and any similar devices. You should adjust the temperature of the room if possible and clean away anything that may cause an unpleasant smell. Most importantly, you should ask them about anything they are not happy with and do your best to make the environment the best it can be for them.

Sometimes environmental factors can be impossible to remove or minimise to the individual’s liking. For example, if you are working at night, it can be impossible to work in the dark without making any noise at all. Regardless, you should do your best to make the individual feel as comfortable as possible in their current environment and minimise the impact you have.

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