9.1c. Explain why it is important to understand that the causes and support needs are different for people with mental health conditions, dementia and learning disabilities.

Understanding that the causes and support needs are different for people with conditions is an important part of your work as a carer. We have already discussed person-centred care and why it is so important in previous sections, and it is just as relevant here. You should adapt your care to suit an individual’s needs and preferences, including the needs an individual has because of a condition.

Every individual is unique and has a different way of dealing with their condition. By changing their care to suit them, you can help them have a better experience living with these conditions. For example, if an individual has a learning disability, and you support them to use and develop their abilities, they will become more independent as a result. This will improve their experience living with the condition.

Getting to know the causes of conditions is also important because if you are not familiar with the causes of certain conditions, you could mistake one condition for another different condition. Therefore, it is vital that you recognise these causes so you can identify an individual’s conditions and by extension their needs. By doing this you can provide good person-centred care regardless of any conditions.

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