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Use feedback to evaluate own performance and inform development

Qualification:Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care
Unit name: Personal Development in Care Settings
Learning outcome: 3. Be able to evaluate own performance
Assessment criteria: 3.2 Use feedback to evaluate own performance and inform development

Obtaining feedback and using it to evaluate your own performance and inform development is an essential method for ensuring that you provide high-quality care and support.

Your manager should provide you with feedback regularly as part of your professional development and supervision. You may also receive feedback from co-workers, the individuals that you support, their family and friends and other professionals that you work with.

You may also reach out to others and ask them for their thoughts about your performance and how you can improve.

You should handle all feedback positively – sometimes it may be difficult to hear that your actions or inactions have not been the best but it is important to consider them carefully and learn from them. This is what separates a good care worker from a great care worker!